Friday, March 26, 2010

Fashion Trends

The world is moving dynamic fashion, from year to year there is just a new trend. Now the fashion trends in America tend toward the use of fashion and affordable but still fashionable. Cheap Fashion Trend was popularized by Michele Obama.

Became a first lady, Michele Obama's name not known to many people. Now, after her husband became the number one man in Uncle Sam's name, too Michele soar.

Michele Obama as staying person most responsible for the fashion trend in America today. Cheap Fashion Trend clothes that put forward a model of timeless and affordable price but still it is now fashionable circles loved fashionista.

"I was fascinated by the dynamic and professional image of Michelle Obama always shown. He did not even lose the charm that in her feminine clothes. One more thing, she looks great with a collection worth USD150, and instead chose a young designer brand-American than European fashion brand often be the choice before the state capital. If democratic fashion, then it should Michelle Obama's embassy," said Mary observers and lovers of fashion.

In fact, Tomer create a special site about the First Lady and publish new pictures Michelle, of course dressed in trendy and affordable fashion, which makes it a favorite fashion icons today.

This site is growing rapidly with the number of visitors to reach thousands of people from all over the world. Well, Tomer, too, who eventually published a book entitled "Mrs.. O: The Face of Fashion Democracy".

This book is a collection of interviews with the designers, such as Toledo, Wu, Michael Kors, Maria Pinto, and Isaac Mizrahi. In addition, this book also comes with photo Mrs.O.